Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waking up early

always feels so good when you actually do it.  I didn't manange my time very well last week, which is absolutely essential due to the million and one things I have going on right now.  I want to start working on that again - getting up early, and planning my week well.  I really hope I can get my car fixed soon too.  I would like to start going to the gym in the morning again. That always makes my day better.

I've found that if I make the effort to set aside time in my schedule for the things that are really important and just for me(church, working out, bible study), that I am much more productive and can get everything done with less stress.

Here is what I would like to do with the rest of my year:
Continue working 25-30 hrs/week
Graduate (only one credit left!)
Make some curtains with my new sewing machine
Make myself an apron
Experiment with some recipes to become a better baker
Get my car fixed
Design letterhead, envelope, flyer, etc for Empire Painting

Here are the things that I would like to do for my own sanity:
Set aside time each week for church and my bible study group
Set aside at least fifteen minutes daily for prayer and meditation
Begin working out at least once a week, hopefully two or three times
Keep my house clean and catch up on laundry
Finish the books I am in the middle of reading
Make sure to enjoy, appreciate, and savor every moment of life even though I am insanely busy

Easier said than done I suppose, so wish me luck!

With love,
The Squirrel

P.S. (from Shazam) Thanks for everyone who has stopped by and said Hi!  I really love to read all of your blogs!  Chihuahuas need their relaxing "me time" too.  Oh, and thanks mom for having Min-Ween up for so long yesterday. He is my best friend and I like when he can come over and play.   :)



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